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NoImageCaptcha is a unique PHP script that outputs human only readable text without using images. It is an advanced captcha technology, built with security in mind. Safeguard your blogs, polls, forms, email address and others from the automated email and spam bots!


Excellent results in no time. Using NoImageCaptcha you add extra security to your blog, forum, online forms, polls by skipping unwanted comments generated by spam bots and email spiders. NoImageCaptcha will bring more and more satisfied users back to you.

No Image Libraries Needed. NoImageCaptcha produces clean cross-browser HTML output. You do not need image library available in order to produce captcha images. Your new server has no image library installed? No problem. Use NoImageCaptcha on every serevr you have access to.

No Captcha Images. Now-a-days there is a rising number of spam bots and email spiders, that crawl through the webpages. Many of them have image recognition software, that is able to recognize captcha images and overcome them. NoImageCaptcha helps you with that by simply not generating images but HTML code. The generated HTML code is totally readable by humans, but means nothing to the machines.




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