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New Version of JQuery Codify Released
- Posted: 21.03.11
New Website Design
- Posted: 01.02.11
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New Website Design

Posted on 01 Feb 2011

The website has a new design

The website design has been updated in order to be more user friendly. The new webdesign is carries out a minimalistic approach, leaving out the heavy usage of images, which is common for most of the websites.

New Version of JQuery Codify Released

Posted on 21 Mar 2011

New Version of JQuery Codify Released

We are pleased to announce, that a new version 2.0 of the JQuery plugin Codify was released today.

No new features are introduced in this release.

A bug was fixed, that was causing code defined in <pre> element to come out of the Codify box in browsers other than MSIE.

JavaScript code quality has been checked with the code quality tool JsLint.

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